Kayos Collagen Peptides

  • ₹ 999.00
  • ₹ 1,590.00

Ingredients: Collagen Peptides, Glucosamine, Methyl cobalamin, Flavor, Sucralose and Preservatives

Description: Kayos naturals pure and hydrolyzed collagen peptides are made from type 1 & 3 collagen. It helps maintain healthy and youthful hair, skin, nails and aids healthy joints and bones health. We have conveniently packed in a 250g jar which equals 30 days usage for a single person. Simply mix 2 scoops into 100 ml of warm/cold water or mix it with your coffee, juices, smoothies or oatmeal to enjoy the great benefits of collagen.

Ideal for: People looking for healthy skin, nails, joints and bones.