Kayos Power Teatox - Detox Green Tea for Energetic Workout for Fitness Athletes - 50g

  • GREEN TEA FOR ATHLETES – This green tea blend is formulated specially for people who are actively running, cycling, body building, swimming etc… It provides the right amount of energy to boost your workouts and provide a smooth recovery at the same time.
  • WEIGHT LOSS & DETOX – The special ingredients in this powerful blend boosts your metabolism and energy to lose weight effectively while you workout. It helps you detox harmful toxins from your body, which would otherwise interfere with your performance negatively.
  • ENERGY & TESTOSTERONE BOOST – It is a powerful blend of ingredients that helps boost energy and testosterone in your body and helps you give you best to the workout session.
  • AIDES MSUCLE RECOVERY – Ingredients like Ginger & Cinnamon helps reduce soreness and shilajit on the other hand protects cellular damage. Ingredients like Licorice acts as anti-oxidants and Pipli helps you recover from Athlete’s foot.
  • GREAT TASTING TEA – At Kayos we give special emphasis on great tasting green tea. This tea blend has Hisbiscus, Licorice, Cinnamon and Ginger which gives it a great tangy taste to kick start your morning workout!