KAYOS Multi Collagen, 90 Tablets | Collagen Peptides Type I, II, III, V & X | Bone & Joint Support Hair Skin Nail Supplement for Men and Women | Vital Protein Collagen with Vitamin C, Glucosamine

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  • ₹ 799.00

KAYOS – Multi-Collagen Complex

Collagen is one of the building blocks of your body. With the passage of time, these building blocks start to deplete. Let’s build up your body materials back with KAYOS skin, nail, hair, and joint support supplement. In this wonderful collagen supplement for men and women, we combined all 5 types of collagens including I, II, II, V, and X to give you the ultimate health boost.


A Powerful Concoction

These amazing bone health supplements are enhanced with the addition of Vitamin C and Glucosamine to create even more wonderful results. Vitamin C actively protects your body against free radicals while Glucosamine promotes joint and bone health. Together, they assist the collagens to perform a holistic sense of upgraded health and well-being for you. Daily intake of our skin booster supplements:

  • Give you healthy skin with a youthful glow
  • Fight the harmful free radicals
  • Reduce early signs of aging and help you age gracefully
  • Help reduce joint pain and bone health issues
  • An improved overall sense of well-being



  • Quantity: 90 tablets
  • Serving Size: 1 tablet
  • Target Gender: Unisex


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