Kayos Immunity Booster Tea - Traditional Herbal Tea with Amla, Tulsi, Giloy, Turmeric, Ashwagandha - 50g

  • ₹ 349.00
  • ₹ 399.00
  • TRADITIONAL RECIPE – Uses the natural ayurvedic ingredients to boost immunity in both men and women
  • AMLA - GILOY – TULSI – ASHWAGANDHA – Combines the most potent naturals ingredients with NO Preservatives and NO Added Sugar.
  • DELICIOUS GREEN TEA - The most soothing hot beverage to boost your immunity. Mild earthy flavour (not bitter) will be a hit with your friends a family.
  • HOW TO PREPARE? – 1. Bring Water to Boil then wait for 30 seconds, 2. Add a Tea Spoon or Immunity Tea Leaves to water and let is steep for 3-4 minutes, 3. Filter water through the leaves and drink it hot.
  • MADE In INDIA – Proudly made in India under strict manufacturing guidelines from FSSAI.