Nidhi's Grandmaa Secret Kacchi Neem Comb - Wooden Comb for Men & Women - 1pc

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Made by an Indian Mother using her Grandmother's Secret Recipe for Hair Care

    • Hand-Made by using Traditional Practices
    • Real Neem Wood
    • Naturally Infused with Oils
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Anti-fungal & Anti-Bacterial Properties
    • Helps Reduce Hair Fall
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    Benefits of Using Kacchi Neem Comb

    Reduces Dandruff

    Neem has antibacterial properties & it helps reduce all kinds of infections

    Prevent Head Lice

    Acts as a natural block against head lice

    Conditions the Hair

    Neem wood is infused with natural oil and they help on hair conditioning

    Stimulates Blood Circulation

    Improved blood flow can nourish the hair follicles, promoting hair growth


    Using a neem comb aligns with eco-friendly practices and reduces plastic waste.

    How to Use Kacchi Neem Comb?

    Step 1

    Pour 13 herbs hair oil on the neem comb

    Step 2

    Let the comb absorb oil for few hours

    Step 3

    Wipe off the extra oil from the comb

    Step 4

    Comb easily through the length of your hair

    Made with Pure Neem Wood

    100% Natural Neem Wood

    About Kacchi Neem Comb by Nidhi's Grandmaa Secret

    Hand Made & Eco-Friendly Kacchi Neem Comb

    Neem combs are believed to have several benefits for the hair and scalp due to the natural properties of neem leaves. Here are some reasons why neem combs are considered beneficial:

    1. Promotes scalp health and reduces dandruff. 2. Helps prevent head lice infestation. 3. Stimulates blood circulation, promoting healthy hair growth. 4. Conditions the hair, reducing frizz and enhancing shine. 6. Eco-friendly alternative to plastic combs, supporting sustainability.

    It is recommend to dip this neem comb in 13 herbs hair oil, so that the hair oil reaches your hair roots.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. Is there any validity or expiry of this neem comb?

      Neem comb is rich in natural oils and anti-bacterial properties and these benefits diminish over time. Also any wood would break apart from moisture in the air and therefore I recommend replace this comb after 6 months.

    • 2. Kya ye comb me plastic bhi mix hai?

      Not at all. This is made from pure neem wood and these is no plastics used.

    • 3. Does it combs easily through thick & curly hair?

      Yes. It will slide through your hair pretty easily.

    • 4. Is it mandatory to pour 13 herbs oil on this comb?

      It is not necessary, but it is recommended. You can use it without pouring the oil as well.

    • 5. Does it help in hair growth & reducing hair fall?

      The act of combing the hair with a neem comb can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. Improved blood flow can nourish the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and reducing hair fall.

    Customer Reviews

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    Very disappointing

    This is not a neem comb.. it is broken into two piece after falling ..price is 200. And quality is cheap..

    Sthiti Pragyan Mohapatra

    Nidhi's Grandmaa Secret Kacchi Neem Comb - Wooden Comb for Men & Women - 1pc

    Upashna Borah

    Nidhi's Grandmaa Secret Kacchi Neem Comb - Wooden Comb for Men & Women - 1pc