Kayos Marine Collagen Peptides – Mercury Free Hydrolyzed Type 1 Fish Collagen with Vitamin C & Boswellia Serrata for Healthy Hair, Skin Nails and Joints – 250g

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  • ₹ 999.00
  • SKIN, HAIR & NAILS: Want a youthful and healthy looking skin, strong hair & nails? Want to slow down the process of cell aging? KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides is for you. Hydrolysed type 1 fish collagen helps in boosting collagen levels in your body and making your skin elastic and tight and hair and nails stronger.
  • BONES & JOINTS: Fortified with the goodness of Boswellia Serrata extracts, KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides help in increasing bone density by aiding bone mineralization with ease and also helps increasing the joint fluids to help reduce inflammation caused by movement in joints.
  • NO SMELL, MERCURY FREE FISH COLLAGEN: KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides are tested for toxins and treated to get rid of any mercury that might have been in the fish. Since this is a fish collagen the general response is that it might have fish smell. KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides do not smell fishy or like sea water so that you can enjoy its benefits without having to go through the smell of fish.
  • SWEETENED; MANGO FLAVOURED: To make it more palatable, KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides is sweetened with artificial sweeteners and also comes in mango flavour so that you can enjoy a delicious morning drink with a boost of benefits.
  • FORTIFIED WITH VITAMIN C: Fortified with Vitamin C KAYOS Marine Collagen Peptides not only help in brightening your skin but also help in cell repair to slow down the process of cell aging making your skin look young, clear and healthy.