Kayos Multi Collagen Protein Powder (Type I, II, III & X) with Vitamin C & Glucosamine – No Foul Smell, Mixes Easily for Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints & Bones - 250g

  • 1st TIME COLLAGEN BUYER: If you are not sure about what type of Collagen to buy first time then it is ideal to try Kayos MULTI COLLAGEN Protein as it has combination of 4 types of Collagen i.e. Type 1, 2, 3 and 10 providing you full spectrum of collagen health benefits.
  • MULTI-SOURCED COLLAGEN: Multi-sourced collagen makes Multi Collagen Protein Powder filled with a spectrum of varied collagen types which not only delivers 4 different kinds of collagen but also promotes differentiated absorption and use by the body.
  • INCREASED BIOAVAILABILITY: Since there are different types of Collagen they get absorbed and distributed to meet the protein and collagen need of the body. Along with this, the absorption is increased with the added benefits of Vitamin C and Glucosamine
  • EASY TO MIX: The formula is easy to mix so as to make it more palatable and easy to make everyday.
  • FORTIFIED WITH VITAMIN C & GLUCOSAMINE: Vitamin C helps in mineralization of bones by increasing the production of collagen. Glucosamine helps in the formation of cartilage with the help of collagen ensuring reduction in inflammation in joints caused due to arthritis and other joint ailments.

Made keeping in mind the needs of the Indian market for a reliable skin range of products, Kayos came up with a solution that was light on the pocket and was trusted. All our supplement products contain natural products and are free of GMOs. Kayos Multi Collagen Protein Powder contains different types of collagen to help enhance the health of your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. It is fortified with Vitamin C and Glucosamine to help in mineralization of the bones increasing bone density and aiding the formation of cartilage to help reduce inflammation problems caused in the joints.




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