What Makes Liquid Health Supplements More Effective than Capsules or Powders

With ever-changing technology, there is always a question looming - whether this change is beneficial or whether it simply makes the process easier. It is this conflict that is making many doubt the technological advances in the supplement market today.

The right nutritional supplements have been found to an effective means of reaching your physical and health goals. Though some supplements are known to have side effects, overall, these nutritional supplements are known to be beneficial for the human body. The recent change in technology has introduced a new generation of supplements into the market, in different consumption forms. This includes solid, liquid, and spray supplements. Of these, while the liquid supplements have usually got good reviews from the doctors, doubts regarding its effectiveness are still there. Therefore, to help you make the right choice, we have outlined the ins and outs of different nutritional supplements.

1. Capsules: The most common form of supplements, they are formed by interlocking two pieces of gelatine. Best way to consume them is by swallowing, but they can also be taken apart and the powder in them can be consumed by mixing with a food or beverage. Known for their high price tag, capsules usually have a shorter shelf life when compared to other forms.

2. Soft gels: Made from a soft layer of gelatine, this format of supplements is most commonly used for oil and liquid-based supplements. Easy to consume, soft gels are stable and sealed in nature. Since it needs to be stored and transported carefully, this supplement has a relatively long shelf life.

3. Tablets: Similar to capsules, this form of supplements usually have a lower price and are convenient to pack. With long shelf lives, nutritional supplement tablets come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

4. Powders: Though capsules too can be consumed in powder form, they are not suitable for higher quantities. Therefore, powder supplements become the more convenient option for large servings of nutrition. Most commonly found powdered supplement is protein. The advantage of this form of a supplement is the ease of adjusting the dosage as well as the ease with which it can be combined with other supplements.

5. Liquids/ Spray: Finally, the most convenient form of the consumption of the supplement is the liquid or the spray form. Ideal for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or soft gels. There are numerous benefits of this form of supplements including their quick absorption. Perfect for kids, this form of a supplement can easily be enriched by adding flavours.

While there are multiple forms of supplements available, the major call remains between capsules/pills and liquids/sprays. Therefore, we dive into these two forms in detail now, going over the different parameters that can help decide which supplement to buy.

Absorption time

When using capsules or tablets, the body needs to first break down the supplement and then extract its medicinal properties, which convert them into a liquid form, whereas in case of the liquid supplement it is already in a form that is readily absorbed by the body. And since it does not require time to break down the formulation, it is faster in absorption. Liquid extracts take about 1-4 minutes to assimilate (in fact 85- 90% of nutrients are absorbed in mere 22 to 30 seconds), whereas it takes about 20 – 30 minutes just for the capsules or tablets to break down.

Utilization rate

As discussed earlier, liquid is a form that is easily absorbed by the body and therefore its absorption is not only faster but better as well. The body uses about 98% of the liquid extracts, but in case of capsules, the breakdown process is lengthy and it is during that time that most of the extract is lost. It is only 39-53% of capsule or tablet that is absorbed by the body.


Quite obviously, the liquids have a great advantage over pills when it comes to swallowing. Further, the higher absorptions and utilization rates of liquid supplements make them much more easily digestible when held in comparison with capsules and tablets.

Cost and quality

Cost of both the liquid and capsules nutritional supplements depend upon quality. Often, the better the quality, the higher is the cost of the supplement because of fewer fillers and better testing. But still there are some high-quality supplements like the Nutri Sharks Multivitamin Spray for Men and Women which are reasonably priced as for the high nutrient content they provide.


Liquids by nature are less stable than solids, and therefore because of this very factor, t eh liquid supplements might be less stable and cause rapid nutrient loss if not stored properly. Refrigeration helps maintain the stability of liquid supplements because of which these supplements aren’t necessarily portable whereas capsules and tablets do not suffer and such hindrance.

The impressive effects of the liquid and spray supplements sure make them one of the best buys in the market. And though the market is full of supplements from different companies with this specification, our suggestion is the Nutri Sharks Multivitamin Spray for Men and Women.

This 30grm package is one of the best sources of daily nutrition that you would find today. Crafted with extreme care, this formula satiates your daily nutritional needs, with the measured dose of 15 multivitamins, minerals, and herb extracts. Having an exceptional effect on the brain, bones, joints, hair, and skin, this single product covers a wide spectrum of antioxidants as well. With this single product you can attain 22 essential nutrients like Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin B12, Grape Seed, Moringa, Alfa Alfa, Zinc, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Thiamine, Vitamin E, B6, A, and D3, which are hardly compensated through our daily diets. One of the most astounding features of this unisex product, as discussed above, is its spray form, which makes it easy to absorb, fast and simple. In fact its tangy mix fruit flavour makes it a complete delight to use. Another parameter which makes this product preferable in our list of parameters is its manufacturing detail. This product is manufactured in a GMP, ISO, and HACCP, and is compiled under the strict guidelines of the FSSAI for dietary supplements. Grab your bottle today, and experience the wondrous effects of this supplement.

While it is argued that vitamins and minerals help you get your daily dose of nutrition, yet like everything else, excess of supplements too is bad for health. Most people can take advantage of the burst of nutrients you get from liquid vitamins, but you should make sure of the safety of their consumption. The most common cases where such additional supplements can prove harmful are in case

  > Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  > Preparing for surgery

  > A patient of cancer, or in the course of cancer treatment

  > You are on heart medications, water pills or any blood thinners.

We have discussed quite in detail about the various nutritional supplement formats available in the market, yet the decision for each is different based on their personal needs and limitations. There are multiple features to consider while making this decision, as the same differentiation varies on account of cost, flexibility, portability, flavour, and wholesomeness. Plus it is always advised to take the advice of your physician before starting the use of any supplement.