The Himalayan pink salt has recently taken the internet by storm; from lamps to scrubs to recipes, Himalayan salt is everywhere. This vitamin and mineral-loaded salt is a naturally formed salt extracted from the southern foothills of the Himalayas located in the Punjab regions of Pakistan. The presence of trace minerals in its crystals gives it a pink- reddish appearance, and that’s where the salt gets its name from.

Himalayan Pink salt, also known as halite, was first mined by the army of Alexander the great because of its similarity in composition to table salt. The first-ever documented case of use is from the 1200s by the Janjua community for food and other purposes. The mining of Himalayan salt was standardized under the rule of Emperor Akbar, and later in 1827, the British government converted it into a sustainable excavation model.

The world is still unaware of the full benefits of salt; however, its composition of calcium, sodium, potassium, and traces of magnesium makes it a perfect supplement in many ways.

So, here are 5 ways in which Himalayan pink salt benefits us:

  • Lower blood pressure: Himalayan pink salt is naturally rich in iodine, which is externally added to the salt; this makes table salt more processed and difficult to digest by the body. It naturally contains less sodium in its composition, making it easier for your body to flush out toxins. The natural iodine in pink salt is healthy for the body and boosts the strength of our intestines to absorb nutrients lowering the body’s blood pressure naturally.       
  • Aids in Hydration: Himalayan pink salt aids in hydration, especially for those who do heavy workouts or pursue long-duration sports like swimming, cycling, etc. Himalayan pink salt, when consumed with lemon and water, helps in balancing our body’s lost electrolytes and minerals naturally. The natural composition of the salt makes it a perfect fit for our post-workout energy drink. It is healthy, natural, and super effective.    
  • Purifies Air: Himalayan pink salt is known to be hygroscopic, which means that it attracts water or water droplets; this nature of the salt allows it to take in moisture from the air along with the allergens that it carries. In its lamp form, Himalayan pink salt absorbs allergens from the air and the heat from the lamp destroys them. Himalayan salt lamps have proven to reduce indoor allergens, including mold and other harmful substances.  
  • Acts as a natural exfoliant: The naturally crystalline state of the salt makes it an excellent exfoliant for our body. When mixed with any hydrating oil such as coconut or almond, the salt makes it an exfoliant for dead skin cells while nourishing the skin with minerals and hydrating it. It is also believed to help produce natural collagen in our bodies. It helps improve skin texture, clear skin and improves overall skin well-being when used regularly and consistently. 
  • Aids In soothing sore muscles: Himalayan pink salt attracts and retains water, which helps relieve cramps and reduces inflammation in sore muscles. A Himalayan salt bath can help you relax while regaining your electrolytes and reducing inflammation in your muscles and bones.

Himalayan pink salt is unique because of the natural state of its occurrence. It is unadulterated and can be used without fear of having adverse effects. Pink salt is loaded with therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The holistic benefits of salt make it a perfect addition to your everyday routine. The Kayos Himalayan pink scrub is made with pure Himalayan salt and sugar, it exfoliates the skin naturally and removes oil, dirt and dead cells from the skin. It detoxifies the skin by drawing out any toxins and harmful bacteria leaving the skin soft, supple and enriched with the benefits of the salt.