Challenges Faced by Curly Hair Girls in Indian Weather

It’s that time of the year again when your hair has a mind of its own. From increasing in volume, turning dry and bushy, to even looking all untidy, without even the slightest change in your hair care routine. And if you have curly hair, the condition is even direr. You would have regularly experienced the frizz, making the hair care regimen even more challenging than before.

Frizz is nothing but a state when the hair strands do not align with the surrounding hairs but stand/curl up independently. This results in a texture that is fuzzy or irregular. Some basic challenges of frizz in girls with curly hair are:

> It makes hair dull and difficult to manage

> It results in an irregular texture of the hair

> It makes the hair increase (sometimes double) in size

> The constant look of untidiness is one of the biggest problems of frizzy hair

Though the hot and humid Indian weather plays a major role in causing frizz in the hair, the following are other reasons that girls with curly hair experience this more frequently:

1. Genetics

Curly and wavy hairs in girls are a sort of genetic pattern of the hair. The curly hairs do not have a natural curl definition and therefore are mistaken as frizzy or damaged in case of girls with curly hair.

2. Damage

Rough brushing, backcombing, excessive use of heat styling tools or use of harsh chemicals on the hair in the form of shampoos and sprays weaken/damage the hair. This damage weakens the hair cuticle and stimulates frizz in curly hair.

3. Humidity

Frizz occurs due to the lack of moisture in the hair. This causes the hair to seek moisture from the air around it making it increase in volume and create frizz.

Indian Weather and Frizz

Hot and humid, the most common weather type in India, results in major frizz issues. On the other hand, in winters, the dry air soaks up the moisture in the hair and again results in frizz. With extremes in weather throughout the year, managing a good hair quality becomes a challenge. This is especially true for girls with curly hair.

If you are one of the many girls with curls struggling in the Indian weather, do not worry. We are here to help you achieve those beautiful and bouncy curls that are the true representation of your hair. Below are some of the practices that when applied can help you tame your curls to their natural look, even in the unpredictable Indian weather.

· Keeping your hair dry is a must

The rainy season in the country can be quite a challenge for your curls. Thus, you should ensure that if you step out in the rain, your hair is covered. The toxicity in the rainwater can worsen the damage to your hair and increase the frizz.

· Right shampoo, the right way

A lot depends on the kind of shampoo you use and how you use it when we talk of frizz management. The shampoo that you use should be chemical-free, mild, and contain a sufficient amount of glycerin in it. This glycerin helps hydrate your hair inside-out.

Also, the technique you use while shampooing your hair is very important. To keep your hair and scalp clean during rough weather, wash your hair carefully and thoroughly from roots to tips. This direction of the wash needs to be given special emphasis.

· Towel technique

When you dry the hair, make sure you do not use a rough towel. Rather, use a microfiber towel or T-shirt, which can help you absorb the excess water. Further, you need to avoid wringing or rubbing your hair roughly, as this creates friction, breakage, and split ends. Instead, you can simply squeeze out the excess water from the hair. This technique of drying will contribute towards keeping your hair healthy.

· Moisturize

As frizz mainly results from dry and damaged hair, moisturizing them is a key way to manage it. Today, hair care products range from conditioners to serums, from masks to even gels. These products either leave your mane feeling heavy and sticky or devoid of the inherent moisture of the

hair, worsening the quality of hair further. Therefore, selecting the right product is critical. One such product that can be used to effectively manage the frizz of the hair is the Flaxseed Gel.

Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty acids and other minerals that are responsible for making hair healthier. Further, the natural composition of these seeds enhances curls, making them bouncier and more definitive. And, the biggest advantage of flaxseed gel over the other products in the market is that it moisturizes and nourishes your hair, without making them appear wet or feel sticky.

There are many flaxseed gels available in the market but our recommendation is the Kayos Botanicals Pure Flaxseed Hair Gel for Curly Hair. The gel contains flaxseeds, castor oil, and vitamin E, all of which help you attain those lasting, defined curls through the day. It is also free from sulfates, parabens, or any other chemicals that might harm your hair. The unique composition of this gel, which is suitable for both men and women also contains Vitamin E, which promotes hair growth and allows for different hairstyles. Kayos Botanicals Pure flaxseed hair gel is manufactured in a GIMP certified lab, with strict quality checks imposed on the process, from formulation to packaging. Get hold of this product today and bid farewell to the unmanageable frizz.

· Brush effectively

Combing the hair can be very tricky with frizzy hair. Untangling the knots is as much a challenge as the care that this condition requires. Since untangling the knots is a necessity, you should try to brush, comb or finger-comb your hair while it is still wet. You first need to comb your hair with wet fingers to de-tangle and avoid damage & breakage. You also need to make sure of the brush you use. It is recommended that you use a natural boar bristle brush, medium round in size. Now since brushing curly hair can also be a task, therefore, you can gently brush and dry a small section of the hair and then move on to the next section of hair.

· Abandon the hair styling products, for now

Heat damages frizzy hair, therefore all heated styling products such as flat irons and curling irons need to be avoided as much as possible. Rather, even a blow dryer should be used with care with frizzy hair. If you can, you should avoid a blow dryer completely. If not, then use it with a diffuser.

Even chemical gels and hair sprays can cause dryness and dandruff in the hair, damaging the hair further and frizzier as the result. So, you should avoid those too.

Though the Indian weather can be a complete nightmare for the girls with curly hair, the techniques listed above can help ease the challenge. Use the steps as directed above and you are sure to remove all the traces of roughness and frizz from your hair, leaving behind beautiful and bouncy hair. We understand that despite all the above, there will still be bad hair days. For such days, we suggest a playful hair twist or braid, which will help reduce the weather-related frizz for when you are heading out.