Be your Valentine: a gift list for Singles to practice self-love

February is a whole month dedicated to celebrating love. But, love does not have to be only Valentines and sweethearts. It can also be about cherishing close bonds and nurturing relationships with family, friends and most importantly, yourself. While giving to others is a generous act that is mostly appreciated, practicing self-love is undervalued and not done enough. 

With Valentine’s day now becoming a whole weeks celebration with couples all around expressing their love in various ways, for singles it can get a bit taxing. For some it is a day they feel more single than they do the rest of the 364 days in a year. But, for some it is another opportunity to celebrate a love like no other, self-love. And for those troopers, we have an exciting list of things to do or items to purchase.

  • Gift yourself a Spa day:  This one definitely tops our list. A long relaxing day of getting massages, a mani and pedi or getting your nails done, is a best way to give yourself a relaxed and stress-free day. 
  •  Stream and chill: Purchase a subscription for any OTT platform you like and binge watch all your favourite movies and shows. Call some friends over, order in some pizzas, put on 500 days of Summer, and you’re all set to have an amazing Valentine’day.
  • Go on a detox: Be it a detox from social media to avoid stalking an ex or being bombarded with love posts, or a detox diet for your body, a good detox week is something you, and your body, will appreciate more than a bouquet. 
  • Have your cake, and eat it too: A hectic bake day in the kitchen is the sweetest (pun intended) way to spend your Valentine’s. Choose any recipe of your choice and treat yourself, and your friends to some freshly made home-baked goodies. 
  • Splurge on yourself: Isn’tspending your own money more rewarding than spending your partners’? Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself all the things your heart desires. Who needs a partner when you’ve got you!
  •  Happy Skin, Happy you: Run a hot bath, apply a rejuvenating face mask, read a book you’ve been procrastinating to start and immerse yourself in the company of your favourite person-You! Fullfil your skin-care wishlist and invest in skin care products that will help you feel your best self all day, everyday. 
  • Throw a ‘Happy to be Single’ party: Because why should couples have all the fun? Throw yourself and your single friends a party, cook an amazing dinner, or order one if you’re feeling lazy, pop some bubbly and raise a toast to your independence!
  • Register for a bootcamp: They say you’re either committed or at the gym. Invest in your health and fitness on Valentine’s while participating in a bootcamp with your friends because when you look good, you feel good, and you won’t need anyone else to validate that. 
  • Participate in charity: For those of you who want to utilize this day to spread more love and joy by giving to others, participating or collaborating with a charity is the best way. Search for a local charity supporting a cause you care about, and plan to spend the day in the most satisfying way possible. 
  •  When in doubt, dance it out: Take night off, go out with your single friends for a fun night of dancing and exploring your city’s best spots. Because everything is better when you’re dancing.

The point of focus this Valentine’s should not be the fact that you’re single, but that you are independent. Make the most of this time you have, for yourself and do the things that you love with your friends and family. And remember to keep being your fabulous self!